Training course for risk management
We provide risk management training to company executives and managers as well as qualification and courses to upgrade skills for those in the insurance business.

A-One Service

Brokerage in general insurance, life insurance and reinsurance business
We are capable of meeting clients’ needs in all mainland China. We negotiate with insurance companies that are joint ventures, Japanese, American, and European etc.

Risk Management Service
We have prepared superior risk management services that properly control a wide range of risks and support the activities of sound enterprises.

Group Life Insurance and Mutual-Aid Plan
Together with provincial and city governments, we have formed a mutual aid plan that supplements the social welfare system. It consists of group life insurance
and mutual aid plans that are implemented and operated together with the governments as part of corporate benefit packages for employees.

24-hour medical consultation service
We provide emergency medical assistance services, such as introductions to hospitals, providing medical translators, researching and providing information on medical facilities in China, and making claim on behalf of our clients.

Automobile-insurance related services
We have established sale and accidental claim system in close cooperation with insurance companies from Japan, the America and Europe, automobile manufacturers and automobile dealerships.